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  • Our school gives a lot of importance to the health of our students, we therefore have set up a clean health care room meeting the required standards, separated into Zones for Boys and Girls
  • We have a full time qualified nurse on site during school hours.
  • Our health care room is equipped with medical supplies and medicine to administer first-aid
  •  The school nurse does a preliminary health check-up for our students every morning and she is the only person authorized to provide first aid and dispense medicine to students if provided by parents.
  • Our school records health information for all students at least once per term, and once a year a complete health check-up is done by qualified pediatrician.
  • Our students and staff are covered under the accident health insurance program.



  • Minder Pathana Suksa School places high importance on students’ safety, which is visible in the minute care taken in the details of the school design. The school employs professional security personnel from Property Care Services (Thailand) Ltd. to provide round the clock security on site.



  •  Keeping in mind the needs of growing children, food hygiene, menus that are rich in nutritional value and appealing to the young children’s taste are provided through the services of Epicure Catering Co. Ltd., a reputable company that provides professional service.
  • In addition to lunch comprising of salads, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses and fruits, students are also served milk/yoghurt fruit and snacks during morning and afternoon break.
  • We realize that proper physical growth in children is very important, therefore, this is a value added service provided without thought of profit.
  • Our Dining hall is spacious and air-conditioned with professionally designed kitchen and hygienic environment.



  • Cleanliness and Hygiene have their own importance in the ambience of the school and its grounds and for this we have also spared no cost in recruiting professional cleaning service.
  • At the same time we also emphasize on minimal use of harmful chemicals and this is a service well provided by Clean for Green Co., Ltd., with enough number of personnel to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in all areas of the school throughout the day.


  • Always keeping student’s safety foremost, the school has secured the services of Montri Transport Co., Ltd, a leader in School bus service for over 45 years.
  • Employing state of the art tracking technology, courteous and efficient drivers and bus monitors who have passed rigorous training program as well as first-aid certification, ensure school management’s and parents’ peace of mind.
  • In addition to the company’s bus monitor, our school also has a teacher on duty to accompany students during pick up and drop-off.
    Minder Pathana Suksa School
33/1 Pattanakarn Road
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Bangkok, 10250. Thailand
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