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  • Minder Pathana Suksa School gives a lot of importance to the Library, laying a foundation for love of reading will for the basis for the ability and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  • Our library is set up as a significant source for learning with complete informational resources for all ages in a comfortable and attractive atmosphere.
  • We set up activities to motivate students to develop interest in reading, by letting them visit the library at least once a week accompanied by their class teacher, where they are allowed to borrow books. In addition, for the very young learners that cannot read on their own, teachers read to them and "listening and telling stories" both in Thai as well as English, features regularly in the timetable, thus laying the seeds for love of reading from a very early age.
  • We also welcome parents’ involvement in the library. Parents are encouraged to visit the library with students and borrow books. This becomes a joint activity for students and their parents, which fosters good relationship.
    Minder Pathana Suksa School
33/1 Pattanakarn Road
(Between Soi 53/1 and 55),
Bangkok, 10250. Thailand
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