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Minder PathanaSuksa School Educational Philosophy

          Minder PathanaSuksa School follows King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s guidelines for Thai Education Philosophy, that education can be compared as a tool used for developing an individual in all aspects: body,  mind, emotion, social, and intelligence, to become a good citizen with high quality and efficiency and able to apply his knowledge and intelligence to benefit national development. And believing that education is a lifelong learning process, education must be provided in terms of academicas well as practical training, discipline thinking, behavior and ethics. Thus, enabling students to be reasonable, honest, responsible, and able to make decision with fairness and righteousness. In addition, emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary learning, in theory as well as practice,  so that they can modify and apply    appropriately with aspect to Thai society.  Besides, the Progressivism Philosophy in education which believes that education is life is also being observed. Students gain experiences through learning by doing. Teaching and Learning Activities are aimed to develop all 4 aspects: physical, emotional-mental, social, and intellectual, focusing on training in problem solving, critical thinking, and social skills. Students learn in accordance with their learning styles, interests, and abilities.  Democracy is extensively encouraged both inside and outside the classroom.  Students are guided to do research on their own, experience living in his society happily and given support to pursue lifelong learning.   

          To obtain high efficiency learning development, Minder Pathana Suksa School under Harnam Singh HarbansKaur (Sachdev) Charitable Trust intends to promote His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s self sufficiency philosophy and follow His Majesty's guidelines on Thai Education Philosophy and Progressivism philosophy in education by developing all 4 aspects of the student : physical,  mind and emotional, social, and intellectual while keeping in mind the Brain’s Natural Rules, focusing on skill training, learning by doing, developing skills in thinking, confidence in expressing oneself, and a positive attitude toward using foreign language in communicating and seeking for new knowledge. The school would create a network between school, home, and community to build up strong relationship and by fostering 5 love : love to read, love to give, love others as loving oneself, love of music-arts-exercise, love to be Thai  with an understanding of community diversity and variety thus respecting other cultures, which will lead students to live happily and in pursuit of lifelong learning.

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