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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at our school is based on the innovative concept of “Minder Happy Learning” while taking in account the natural rules that govern the development of the brain. Students learn through age appropriate activities where they are involved in hands-on learning, which allows them to find answers on their own.

Minder Pathana Suksa Schools appreciates the importance of sustainable learning, where students can use their acquired knowledge in real life situations and further their education “happily”. The school has set up learning in order that student are ready for age appropriate development and capabilities, learning that allows students to seek answers and knowledge by themselves, training students to have a way of thinking starting with general knowledge inquiries which is how students gain knowledge not just through teachers. Within our school gates, teachers do not just feed information to students and student not just wait to receive information from teachers. For our school, ‘Academics’ at early childhood level means ‘Age Appropriate Development’ under the Early Childhood Curriculum of Minder Pathana Suska School.  All four aspects of development - physical, emotional, social mental and intellectual need to go hand in hand.

For each Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classroom, there is a Thai teacher majoring in early childhood, a native English-speaking (NES) teacher and a teachers’ assistant (there is also a nanny in each Pre-Kindergarten classroom). The number of students in each classroom for Pre-Kindergarten is maximum 20 students and for Kindergarten is no more than 25 students. In each primary classroom, the number of students does not exceed 30 students and each subject is taught by a qualified teacher majoring in the specific subject. Primary students learn Math, Science and Physical Education in English and learn English with native English speaking teachers. Additionally, Asean study is also taught in English and Chinese is taught by a Chinese teacher.

In addition to learning skills we also give importance to reading. Even though at early childhood, based on age appropriate development children are unable to read on their own but they will acquire the skill or love for reading through our activity of Reading and story telling. Our spacious library is also equipped with big books that students can borrow. Our school wishes to foster a love of reading in students from a young age, as we believe that this fosters the quest for knowledge.



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