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Message from our Director

 “Message of the Director”

            During the Viral Infectious Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, our lifestyles have been changed a lot. Our school is adapting to the ‘new normal’. Students must take care of themselves to protect from coronavirus. They need to wash their hands, wear a mask, a face shield and maintain social distancing. They also need daily physical exercise and a healthy diet. This can be achieved by reducing sweet and salty food while increasing their intake of fruit and vegetables. 

           Teaching and learning also need to be changed according to the present situation. Our students have to learn more to ensure success. There will be a focus on language skills and information technology skills for communication, searching information and online learning, etc. We will provide a lot of activities to develop cognitive, mental, social and intelligence skills including creative and critical thinking. Students will be able to apply these skills throughout their lives to fulfill their full potential.

        The assessment of the students must be authentic. This will ensure improvement in the teaching and learning at our school. We will use a variety of appropriate tools to evaluate the students. We will give more emphasis on the result of daily performance than the final exam.

         We will offer continuous support to our students to help solve any problems they have, and also work to prevent any further problems from occurring. We have the school disciplinary rules and code of conduct (written in the student and parent handbook) which must be followed at our school. Students must obey the right of others and the social rules to ensure a peaceful society and happy learning.


          Thank you very much for your cooperation. May God bless you.


Train a child in the way he should go,

                                     And when he is old he will not turn from it. 

                                    Proverb 22:6






Dr. Woranoot Triwichitkasem




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