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Project for promoting Self-Sufficiency Philosophy

Rice planting on Mothers' Day for Harvesting on Fathers'Day

  • Students are involved in projects using the Minder Demonstration Paddy for rice cultivation, which is staple food for Thai people and also for growing different kinds of household vegetables such as Kale, Lettuce and Morning Glory etc.
  • This promotes awareness of customs, tradition, culture, way of life and well being of Thai People based on the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy
  • It also enables the student to see the entire process of rice cultivation from planting till using the outcome product as food through an integrated activity in a natural environment outside the classroom
  • This is hands-on learning which improves skills for working in groups, responsibility, preserving nature as well as creates awareness and preservation of the Thai Way
  • Through this joint activity of ‘Planting on Mothers' Day for Harvesting on Fathers' Day’ the school fosters parents' participation where children plant rice together with their moms a few days before mother’s day every year and harvest the rice with their dads a few days before father’s day every year, followed by rice-thrashing/ de husking and milling activities to produce the refined grains from which rice pudding is prepared by the school and enjoyed by students, parents and teachers on Fathers's Day Celebration.
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