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Minder Pathana Suksa School Mission.

1. Developing students to obtain morals, ethics, and desirable characteristics and essential skills according to Minder Pathana Suksa School Curriculum.

2. Training students to possess effective communication skills in an international  language (English) and in wise use of technology.

3. Promoting activities for the students to pursue knowledge, to become enthusiastic and life-long learners learners in continuous self-development.

4. Encourage the capacity of systematic thinking, creative thinking, decision-making and problem solving with sound reasoning.

5. Promoting and developing the school curriculum and teaching-learning processes that focus on learner-centeredness with an understanding of the brain’s natural rules.

6. Promoting and developing the school to have varied student development activities and provide facilities that encourage students to develop to their full potential.

7. Developing personnel to be professional.

8. Promoting participation of all involved parties in the education system at the school.

9. Promoting the school to have an outstanding identity.

    Minder Pathana Suksa School
33/1 Pattanakarn Road
(Between Soi 53/1 and 55),
Bangkok, 10250. Thailand
    Phone: 02-321-7040
Fax: 02-321-7039
Email: [email protected]
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