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Minder Pathana Suksa School offersall classroom instruction and extracurricular activities which have been based on Eric Jensen's brain-based learning principles and Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

While Jensen's brain-based learning principles provide the framework for teachers in planning their lessons, Gardner's multiple intelligences theory is focused on developing the desirable characteristics of our students in an environment designed to stimulate the brain to learn and create wisdom.

The child-centered teaching process at the school is based on learning-by-doing, and geared to the students' unique profiles, intelligences and learning styles. Here, they are surrounded by stimulating learning sources and learning takes place everywhere, inside and outside the classroom.

At the same time, intrapersonal Intelligence and interpersonal intelligence are nurtured to develop self-knowledge, dreams, goals, motivations, strengths and a sense of purpose, as well as students who interact well socially, empathize with others, work well with others, and have many friends.

The Minder Happy Learning Approach

The current state of the world, with its looming calamities like global warming, has played a part in inspiring Minder Pathana Suksa School to create our Minder Happy Learning approach, which aspires not only to develop the child's brain, but to mold good Thai citizens and good global citizens who embrace the philosophy of sufficiency economy and are outward-focused. When students are happy, the pleasure chemicals in the brain are activated, learning is effective and sustained, and the goals we have set for our school and our students can be attained.

The Principles of Minder Happy Learning

  • Provide a natural, clean, safe and peaceful environment.
  • Offer activities that involve music and movement, stretching and energizing in the Brain Gym.
  • Promote learning with the head, hands and heart.
  • Create Hands-On, Mind-On activities that involve the five senses and thinking, questioning and discussing.
  • Make connections between previous and present information from the classroom to real life.
  • Induce the body, emotions and intellect into learning states through ritual activities.
  • Foster learning from meaningful playing, reading, listening, telling, inquiring, experimenting and drilling.
  • Enhance presentation skills with on-stage performances, debates, plays, music, singing, exhibitions, story-telling and foreign language communication.
  • Evaluate through observation, records and portfolios.
  • Perform continuous classroom action research to refine and improve the Minder Happy Learning experience for our students.
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