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Minder Pathana Suksa School Vision.

          Minder Pathana Suksa School focuses on the development of students to be potential citizens of the world who are eager to learn and bring Thainess to the world. Students are trained to use technology wisely while  emphasis is laid on communication skills, thinking skills, life skills. The school follows the principles of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, involves parents and the community in education and  professionally develops personnel through the Total Quality Management (TQM) Approach. Students are generous, intelligent, creative, democratic- minded, responsible, disciplined, love nature have civic sense and public–mind.

    Minder Pathana Suksa School
33/1 Pattanakarn Road
(Between Soi 53/1 and 55),
Bangkok, 10250. Thailand
    Phone: 02-321-7040
Fax: 02-321-7039
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